Case Study

Weston College Case Study

How brand refreshment won two national awards and led to a stronger and more relevant corporate identity.

The Brief

The college wanted to bring its corporate identity up-to-date by creating a more contemporary brand. This needed to reflect the college's quality agenda as presented in its mission statement: quality learning for future success.

The Challenge

The challenge was to create a new, more up-to-date look which would:

  • Provide a coherent and coordinated approach to publicity material across the college.
  • Preserve much of the brand's existing value, keeping the college's existing logo.

How Sue Helped

Sue revised the logo and graphics, creating a contemporary, neat look and feel. This helped position the college as a customer friendly, modern and quality organisation. As part of the refreshment, all major publications were modernised in line with the new corporate ID. The layout and content is now inviting and key strategic messages are communicated effectively both verbally and visually across the organisation.


  • More customer friendly, eye-catching and strongly branded publications.
  • New look prospectuses and a community newsletter which won Heist and FE First Awards.
  • Increased awareness and buy-in amongst staff of their role as guardians of the college's corporate identity.
  • Immediate improvement in displays and printed materials across the college and a willingness to work with marketing to ensure that all department materials conform to corporate standards.
  • More quality control of the college brand across a wide range of materials and publications.