Case Study

University of Bath Case Study

Case Study Summary

How collaboration with academic staff led to more 'customer' friendly, accessible communications along with a long-term plan for course promotions.

The Brief

The University of Bath's Education Department has a strong reputation for the high quality of its postgraduate teaching and research. When it decided to introduce undergraduate courses, the Head of Department called Sue in to advise on how best to market these new courses and make recommendations for PR, marketing and longer-term reputation management.

The Challenge

The new courses had to be more accessible to reflect widening participation and were also required to be sustainable feeder programmes (for postgraduate courses), thus a long-term marketing communications plan was required.

How Sue Helped

The key aspect of Sue's approach was the development of a close working relationship with academic staff. Sue facilitated their contribution to the development of strategic PR and marketing plans, coaching and mentoring staff through the strategy development and promotional planning process.


  • Exceeded application targets for the new course
  • Redesign of course leaflets which:
    • communicated in a more customer friendly way
    • made more effective use of visual communication and graphic layout
    • reflected the quality and academic standing of the department in their look, feel and content
  • Development of promotional plans which:
    • used of all the marketing communications channels organised centrally by the University, particularly the website
    • achieved link-building by 'piggy backing' on key influencers' / external organisations' communications
    • developed an effective enquiries system at departmental level
    • built schools liaison relationships with strategically targeted schools
    • gained referrals from other departments
    • communicated benefits rather than features
    • strengthened media relations
University of Bath