Case Study

Dr Hal Case Study

Case Study Summary

How a comprehensive rebrand and new marketing material led to clear market differentiation and the launch of new product lines for an educational game.

The Brief

Dr Hal Sosabowski, a principal lecturer at the University of Brighton, won its Innovation Award for his chemistry trump education game in 2007. A concept developed from his passion for promoting science to children, the card game was soon selling through word of mouth alone. Although the cards were rich with interesting facts, the design and branding were not appropriate for the target market and did not constitute a commercial offering. The brief was to rebrand the cards and develop accompanying marketing materials.

The Challenge

Following the decision to target schools, Preview needed to create a brand that would appeal to the wide seven to eleven age range. It also needed to create a brand and marketing material that would appeal to teachers as the initial decision makers and purchasers.

How Preview Helped

We undertook extensive research to develop a campaign to launch Dr Hal's award-winning products. After examining the educational games market, we created a series of different approaches that were tested in student and teacher focus groups. By engaging with pupils and teachers we were able to:

  • Identify new product opportunities.
  • Prioritise the launch of existing products.
  • Refine the design and content.

The Outcome

The project has led to:

  • Clear differentiation in the education sector with a striking and memorable look and feel combining photography and illustrations.
  • A coherent brand identity across all games, marketing material, packaging and point of sale.
  • The creation of four trumps ranges - chemistry, physics, biology and recycling.
  • An online presence with e-commerce facilities.
  • A tailored direct mail campaign supported by viral marketing.
Dr Hal

Dr Hal