Case Study

DISQO Case Study

Case Study Summary

How an innovative new website is centralising learning and beating the education barrier. It does so by giving free, on-demand access to courses and lectures from world-leading universities and schools.

The Brief

To create an interactive, education showcase and community for teaching, collaborating and learning. To build a platform which encourages teachers from all over the world to upload their best lessons, lesson plans, lectures, worksheets, interactive modules, videos and other educational resources with the aim to create free to use, modern, cutting edge curricula that can be studied anywhere, by anyone.

The Challenge

There is a huge amount of educational material on the web, much of which is erroneous at worst, difficult to find or disjointed at best, and overwhelmingly of dubious pedagogical merit and legitimacy. Cutting edge educational content was key to this project and it needed to be easy to contribute, searchable and engaging. This had to be achieved through the DISQO open-source process of collating, ranking, sorting and combining learning materials with a methodical, structured and accurate system.

The biggest initial challenge facing DISQO was the sheer volume of content that it must store, categorize and make easily searchable to ensure the best quality content always filtered to the top.

The open source nature of DISQO means that any user has the capability to be both teacher and student. Each lesson that is created must be selectable by any other user, so that any lesson can comprise the building blocks of any course.

How Ben Helped

Ben was commissioned by DISQO to undertake extensive research into existing open source education frameworks. As no single complete education resource could fit the brief without excessive development and adaptation, Ben and the team decided that the project should be created from the bottom up, using Drupal's open source framework.

Following the selection of a suitable framework, a detailed user and site specification was agreed and the design and build began. It was important Ben maintained a close working relationship with the client throughout the build process in order to achieve the final product.


The project led to:

  • An online resource that brings free quality educational content and teaching resources to a mass audience and encourages discussion within a global education community.
  • A web application that is rapidly gaining momentum with both users and teachers, with content regularly being uploaded.
  • An open source structure that means each lesson is a communal building block for creating sequenced, high quality evolving courses.
  • A system that monitors and evaluates each learner's progress directly online.
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