Case Study

Business Education Group Case Study

Case Study Summary

How we re-engaged the staff (academic, clerical and managerial) with the organisation's values, mission and long-term strategic plans.

The Brief

To reinvigorate the passion amongst the staff to be 'the best' in the market and ride the wave of the significant opportunities that lie ahead. This required an audit of current staff engagement and a deeper analysis of any barriers, constraints or opportunities. It also required the concept development, managing and delivery of two weekend staff conferences.

The Challenge

Business Education Group has run two large colleges at prestigious locations in central London for over 35 years. Whilst both businesses are profitable, the market opportunity is greater than was being realised in cash terms. The infrastructure of the colleges had remained stable for a while, which meant that new opportunities were slow to be grasped. In 2009, new senior management acknowledged there had been little formal assessment of staff satisfaction / engagement and no structured approach to understanding the opportunities or challenges that the staff encountered. With already demanding and complex teaching timetables, there were few opportunities to share the vision and bring everyone onside.

How Preview Helped

Working with the managing director and CEO, Preview devised a staff engagement plan which included:

  • Motivating a working party to re-design their staff working space
  • A structured staff survey
  • Focus groups
  • Design and delivery of two x2 day conferences.


The staff survey was designed, distributed online, collated then thoroughly analysed and presented by Preview. We delivered the survey to tight deadlines to ensure top line results were available to inform the focus groups and present at the conference. The focus groups were a deeper dive into the specific teaching issues and focussed on professional development, recognition and reward. Findings were presented in a detailed written report.


The final stage was to develop a concept for a staff conference, taking account of all the findings from the survey and focus groups. The aims of the conference were to help staff understand how the college could sustain a strong position in the market, exceed customer expectations and make more of its resources and assets. An additional crucial aim was to empower staff to take responsibility and immediate action for initiatives they developed during the conference.

Preview provided a range of services:

  • Devised the conference plan developing the themes and content
  • Devised group activities and developed the presentations
  • Produced stimulus materials and awards
  • Managed and hosting the conference
  • Chaired and facilitated the activities



  • 87% response rates
  • Top 8 strategic staff engagement issues identified
  • Initiatives and suggestions from staff to resolve specific issues
  • Higher levels of engagement and motivation to implement new ideas


  • 88% delegates agreeing that it was a valuable experience
  • 81% delegates agreeing that they had a clear understanding of the organisation's strategy and vision
  • Task groups formed with many completed actions within 48 hours after the conference
  • Significant uplift in scores for 'overall enthusiasm and motivation to implement new ideas'.
  • Further initiatives underway including:
    • Personal development plans for students
    • Re-configuring classrooms / staff working areas to enable additional fee paying classes
    • Development of customer relationship management process, database and marketing communications
    • Recommendations for additional or alternative staffing based on analysis of customer (student) journey and touchpoints.

One of the colleges has seen a 300% increase in applications for new courses within a year of the conference and the Senior Management Team testify to the energy, commitment and drive of the staff following the conference to effect the changes that made this possible.