Case Study

Blatchington Mill School Case Study

Case Study Summary

A modern prospectus to welcome 6th form applications to one of the most respected schools in Brighton.

The Brief

To deliver a contemporary prospectus that would work for both students and parents alike.

How Preview Helped

The projected started by building a fantastic library of images of current sixth formers, on a three day location photographic shoot. The images shot in a reportage 'live' style capture the mood and exciting aspects of the school. The prospectus was designed in two parts - the first section appealing mainly to the students, informing the reader about lifestyle and aspirations using bold, bright styling to appeal to the young people. The second section takes on a more 'serious' tone, describing each course in detail with qualification information - much 'tighter' and printed in duotone to contrast the first section.


An informative, engaging prospectus with beautiful photography, contemporary fonts and clear course information was produced. This included a new photographic image library and a printed prospectus.

Blatchington Mill School

Blatchington Mill School

Blatchington Mill School